What is the Essilor Preferred Rewards Program?

The Essilor Preferred Rewards Program is a loyalty program designed to reward select practices for their business with Essilor. The program delivers more value to your practice by offering you the ability to earn points across five Essilor brands: Essilor Transitions®, Crizal®, Varilux®, Eyezen™ and Xperio UV™.

When is the Essilor Preferred Rewards Program effective?

The Program is effective from April 1, 2018 onward.

Do I have to enroll in the Essilor Preferred Rewards Program every year?

No, enrollment in the Program is only required once.

How can I access my point balance, rewards and profile?

All of this information is available from The Program page on the navigation bar.

What if I have questions about the Essilor Preferred Rewards Program or my account?

Please refer to these FAQs and the Program Terms and Conditions, or call 1-866-281-7951 for assistance. You may also send an email to


Who can enroll in the Essilor Preferred Rewards Program?

Enrollment is limited to qualifying practices located in one of the fifty United States or District of Columbia. If you have difficulty enrolling, please call 1-866-281-7951 for assistance or email

Who can access the account?

The practice must first designate an owner. The practice owner or designate can access the account and the authorized users. Authorized users can access the account once they have been invited by the practice owner or designate. They will have separate passwords. Only the practice owner or designate can change the account email address.

What if my practice has multiple locations?

Don’t worry. If all locations of an eligible practice in the U.S. have the same Employer Identification Number (EIN), they are considered one practice for purposes of the program. If your practice has multiple locations, rewards can be viewed by each location in the Points Earned section of the account page.

How do I set up an authorized user?

Only the practice owner or designate can create a separate authorized user for the member website via his/her account profile. The practice owner or designate will enter the authorized user's name, title and email address. This will trigger an email that invites the authorized user to join. The email will contain a link for the authorized user to set up a new password and access the member website.


How does my practice earn points?

Your practice earns points for qualifying purchases of select Essilor brands from Participating Labs. Your account must be in good standing with the participating lab to qualify for point credit.

What Essilor brands are eligible for point earning?

Any lens type of the following five innovative brands is eligible for point earning: Essilor Transitions, Crizal, Varilux, Eyezen and Xperio UV lenses.

How many points does my practice earn?

Each of the five Essilor brands listed above earns 25 points per qualifying pair of lenses.

How is point earning impacted when a single pair of Essilor lenses has multiple technologies?

Your practice will earn points for every qualifying lens technology included on a pair of lenses. For example, your practice can earn 75 points per qualifying pair with the Ultimate Lens Package—a combination of three qualifying lens technologies on a single pair of lenses.

Which labs are participating?

Essilor-owned labs and independent optical labs throughout the U.S. are participating. For more information, visit the Participating Labs page.

How can I keep track of my practice's point balance?

It's easy to check Points Earned and Points Redeemed on the Essilor Preferred Rewards website at any time. Your practice will also receive a monthly Essilor Preferred Rewards email statement.

What if I don’t see points for a qualifying job in my practice's account?

First, check the date of your point balance. The points your practice earned may have yet to be credited. Please allow three weeks from the close of the month for point credits to be reflected in your account. For missing credits beyond that timeframe, please call 1-866-281-7951.

When do the points expire?

Points expire 24 months after they are issued to your practice's account.


What types of rewards are available?

There is a wide variety of exciting merchandise rewards, including gift cards, apparel and electronics. In addition, Rebate Rewards and Practice Growth Rewards are also available. For a complete list of program rewards, access the Rewards page from the navigation bar while logged in to your account.

How do I redeem points for a reward?

You can redeem your points for rewards on the member website. While you are logged in, simply go to Rewards on the navigation bar and you will find a listing of program rewards. Choose rewards within your point balance, and put them in your shopping cart. Then just check out.

Can I redeem points for multiple rewards in a single shopping cart?

Yes, but each reward will have its own order number. Please have the specific order number on hand if you call customer service with questions.

Where can I see the rewards I’ve redeemed?

Go to Points Redeemed for a list of your rewards. It will also reflect whether the reward is "ordered" or has been "shipped."

How long will it take to receive my reward?

Merchandise rewards will be shipped within two to four weeks of a reward order, via ground shipping. Rewards will be shipped to the practice address you selected during checkout. Rewards shipped to Alaska and Hawaii will be shipped by air freight and are subject to additional point deductions.

How long will it take to get Rebate Rewards and Practice Growth Rewards?

Rewards will be paid within six weeks of the request date. Checks can only be issued to those with a current supplier setup form on file.

Do I have to pay taxes on rewards?

Yes, your practice is responsible for all taxes relating to rewards. Please see the Program Terms and Conditions for additional information.

What if I don’t have enough points for the reward I want?

The shopping cart will not allow you to purchase a reward that exceeds your point balance. If you don’t have enough points for the reward you want, keep earning and return to the reward catalog once your balance has increased.

Will rewards be saved in my shopping cart?

No, rewards are not saved in the shopping cart once you log out.

What is the value of a Practice Growth Reward?

A Practice Growth Reward redemption can be worth up to 100% of an approved expenditure based on the number of points redeemed.

How long do I have to submit my Practice Growth Reward proof of payment?

Proof of payment acceptable to Essilor must be received within ninety (90) days of advertising placement/insertion. Practice Growth Rewards will be issued only after all necessary forms, as well as proof of payment, have been received and approved.

How will the Rebate and Practice Growth Rewards be issued?

Rebate payments and Practice Growth Rewards will be made by check, Automated Clearing House (ACH) or wire transfer to the Enrolled Practice. The Enrolled Practice must have a complete and accurate "New Payee Form" (also known as a substitute IRS W-9) and "Supplier Information Form" on file with Essilor.

Are there special requirements for the Practice Growth Rewards?

Yes, rewards for placement of Essilor media, other advertising, equipment and software require that you Contact Us for prior authorization. Please see Sections 19–21 of the Program Terms and Conditions for additional details. PDFs of Forms required for Practice Growth Rewards are also available on the member website.

What if I want to return my reward?

You may request a return by contacting 1-866-281-7951 within 30 days of the reward’s original shipping date. Essilor has full discretion as to whether to accept a return. Rewards that have been opened or damaged will not be accepted. Additional points may be deducted to cover shipping and delivery costs.

What if my reward is damaged in shipping?

Although Essilor is not responsible for rewards that are lost or damaged in shipping, Essilor will work with our fulfillment partners to ensure that damaged shipments are addressed.


Will there be additional benefits in the future?

The Essilor Preferred Rewards Program may add more benefits for participating practices over time. Watch the website and your email for details.

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